The best place to seek God is in a garden,” and one can’t help but think how true this is!


So let’s celebrate the soil, no matter how small the portion.


A self-contained “Mini Garden” placed atop a desk, shelf or bedside table can be a wonderful reminder of the beauty and simple presence of nature in our lives. Summers minimize our outdoor time and today’s high rise living makes it hard to glimpse outdoor greenery.


We have an easy solution though; the newest in-thing is to have a small indoor garden to gaze at and nothing beats terrariums for simplicity; designer planters with real soil, gravel and slow-growing living plants that require hardly any water or care …

Terrarium on work desk


We offer Terrariums in different shapes and sizes but the most popular of these mini glass gardens are shaped like jewels. Suitable for those who love Green space but where space is at a premium and outdoor gardens are a luxury only for Villa owners…


No matter where you may live, adorning your interiors with small garden features can subliminally minimize stress from the sprinter pace of urban living. Just spending some time with one of these stunning beauty can be quite a meditative experience! Set inside a tiny glass house, in soil with earthy and colored gravels (as per choice), these intriguing, attractive, stemless rosettes are reminiscent of Claude Monet roses.

Bouquet of succulents                                


Our beautiful Terrariums have a combination of succulents and various other suitable exotic plants that are great for festive gifts, homes, offices, schools, cafes, restaurants and even better for events like large parties & weddings.

There are many reasons to give such beauty over flower bouquets, but that is a personal choice. Plants are a connection to nature that can be beneficial for your overall well being. In these times where we are creating concrete jungles, sustainability is a prime topic of interest to all of us and conserving our resources in any way we can is for everyone to take into consideration.

Succulent Garden large bowl

The simple action of watering your small plants are a constant reminder of life, love and the eternal hope of future, growth and giving. We are really happy to share our love for the planet and to show each other that we care about our health because giving a live plant means so much more than just a gift; you can benefit from gardening on a small scale and this can be an enjoyable experience for all ages.

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