1. Care for your succulents and plants by finding a bright area in your home or office, as most succulents and plants love indirect daylight. Keep indoors between 18°C-25°C.


  1. When watering, water evenly under the plant at their stems. For example, on four sides of the plant. Be careful not to over water the roots. Allow the soil to dry completely between watering.


  1. As for succulents, approximately 50 ml per succulent once every 15 days.


  1. For plants in Terrarium/Fairy Garden, as each plant has their own requirements to grow, please know from us for the water requirements of specific plants.


  1. For Greenwalls, do not water the moss, water only the succulents once a month by removing from the wall and placing on a flat surface.


  1. Please note: Succulents and other selected plants may vary from the image shown above in terms of colors, growth, etc. This is due to seasonal availability and uniqueness of each living plant. Each Terrarium/Fairy Garden is hand planted and arranged to ensure you receive a fresh & beautiful mini garden customized to your choice.
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