Responding to the growing need of Green Space in today’s concrete world, SneMee Novelties offers a variety of Terrariums specifically tailored to the needs of having a workspace that not only improves the internal work productivity but also cherishes the relations with the customers at large. While overcoming the predominant constraints of deadlines and budget, we deliver product solutions that are detailed, thoughtful and appealing to the end user.

Why spend on a bottle of champagne to celebrate a business milestone, instead, provide your business partners a bit of indulgence in the form of these Eco-friendly Gift. You can rest assured that recipients will be impressed with your thoughtful gesture.


Our selection of beautiful plants arrangements gives you a variety of choices when searching for corporate gifts. Congratulating a co-worker is easy with a Green Gift of permanent beauty; Terrariums act as a never-wilting sign of your compliments or even just keep the office cubicles looking bright and cheery with one of these unique arrangements in terrariums & fairy gardens and cheer up the hectic days of your steadfast employees.


SneMee can help you with more than just wonderful business gift ideas. Express your gratitude to devoted clients with expertly crafted corporate gift baskets filled with these unique treats and let us help you make your business gifting experience a huge success.

A glimpse of few of our decor improving & corporate gifting choices

Order a Terrarium today and experience these benefits:

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With plants around, they help you think
They also create a calming effect to the otherwise stressful work environment.
Plants help in memory retention
by more than 20%. One of the primary aspect for any task.
Increase your creativity
by almost 45%. Thereby getting better results at work
Improve your productivity by over 35%
Increased creativity improves productivity
Near Zero-Maintenance
With our mini gardens forget about too much maintenance. The biggest criteria for home gardens in today's urban living space.
We stick to our deadline.
All our products are delivered on-time. An essentials for client projects.
Order in bulk and take advantage of price.
As is the trend, the more the volume, you benefit with the least price. The game-changer in project orders.
A unique way to add greenery
to your decor, without worrying about too much space consumed.
Appreciate your corporate tie-ups
with terrariums and strengthen your corporate circle with something so unique that they will cherish forever.

Our 1-2-3 rule

Click here now, to contact us and order your very own Terrarium & Fairy Garden and make a lasting impression on your clients and employees.

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