A few of the Frequently Asked Questions for the Terrariums & Fairy Gardens:

How much space do these occupy.?


Our Terrarium & Fairy Garden fits on a table top or just about any space with negligible foot print and can range in size. We also design custom arrangements not limited to any budget or size. Call us for further information.

What is their lifespan.?


It can last several months or years depending upon care received. However, since it is a living arrangement having its own unique speciality, we cannot provide a guarantee on any product. For care tips, kindly click here

What are the sunlight requirements and indoor temperatures.?

We recommend placing them in a naturally lit area that is indirectly exposed to sunlight for a few hours a day. Strong direct Sunlight may cause damage to the natural growth of the plants . Our products can even survive in the absence of sunlight for a few days as long as there is decent artificial lighting. The ideal temperatures are between 18-26*C and indoors. For care tips, click here

Can I leave my terrariums on my balcony or outdoors?

Terrariums & Fairy Gardens are specifically meant to be enjoyed and kept “indoors”. However, we do recommend you place your  Terrariums & Fairy Gardens outdoors for only short duration of time so that it can also get a natural environment for its growth.

My plants may be wilting, what do I do?

If properly cared for as per our instructions and care tips, the plants will live a natural life span. If your succulent or plant is deteriorating rapidly, it could be due to over watering or indoor temperatures being higher than suggested. In such cases, please contact us and send us pictures and we will do our best to fix it for you at a nominal replacement fee for plants and succulents as these are of exotic nature.

I have my own designer planter(s) which I would like to use. How much will you charge for this? Can I have it ready the same day?

We can customize the arrangement in your own planter(s). In such case, cost would include only plants, materials and service. The earliest pickup would be determined as per availability of material of your choice/designs/customizations as each person has his own taste and ideas.

Some of the lower leaves of my succulents/plants are browning and wilting, what do I do?

Generally, during a succulents growth cycle, they shed the lowest leaves first and you will notice a new growth towards the top. Gently try to pull & remove such wilting leaf off. If it does not come off easily, give it a few days for its natural cycle and then remove & discard it once it has dried.
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