Building a terrarium is a great wintertime activity that’s fun for both kids and adults. Terrariums provide a way to create a miniature indoor garden. They’re low maintenance, making them an ideal choice for beginners and those who have little time to care for plants.


Terrariums also allow an opportunity to express your inner gardener without taking up a lot of space. You can personalize them by including all sorts of items in order to create your own garden scene.


Select the planter:

Terrariums can be open or closed and are built using a clear glass container, however we purely recommend having only open terrariums due to the maintenance hassle involved in a closed terrarium.

The container provides a mini garden environment and is often a simple household item. Some good choices are interesting glass bowls, mason jars, fish bowls, large wine glasses or an old aquarium.

Keep in mind that containers with wider openings make it easier to place the plants inside and also for the plants to grow and flourish properly.

It is even great to work if you have your own planter or a designer bowl to truly make it customized and personalized to your like and choice.


Personalize Your Terrarium:

The most entertaining part of making a terrarium is adding accessories as a finishing touch. Some people create a beautifully landscaped garden scene or a beautiful beach of their choice and make a hobby out of looking for small terrarium items.

The accessories can say something about you by representing your interests and personal style. Typical accessories include miniature animals, furniture, glittery crystals, shells, stones and jewelry or anything that truly mimics then landscape of your dreams.



Easy Steps to personalize your Terrarium:

Terrariums are easy to build and maintain.  You can construct them yourself or as part of a group activity.  After choosing a container, follow these simple steps to create your own terrarium:

  1. Build a medium – Choose what type or design you want for your planter. You can either browse our products page to get the idea or you can select the designs as may be available in the market.snemee glass planter

       2. Add plants – choose slow growing miniatures that are either foliage or succulent plants. You can select the variety of plants available with us or can choose the exotic varieties as may be available in the market. A Tip – Try not to mix and match diverse plants, since they have different growing needs (succulents generally require brighter light and less water) and each needs cannot be fulfilled in the single planter.succulents

       3. Water plants – Since the plants in the the Terrarium/Fairy Gardens need very nominal amount of water, the can grow on their own without water for a few days at stretch. But still, water the base of the plants, near the stem, using a dropper for more precise and concentrated watering. Or water them when the soil seems too dry.

watering succulents

      4. Add finishing touches – Select what all accessories you require to personalize your Terrarium like mini figurines of houses, animals, etc and also top with some colorful moss if desired.

finishing touches


Now just sit back and relax. We will get back to you with your own customised terrarium/Fairy Garden in a few days time.


Finally, now that your personalised terrarium has been delivered, place it in indirect light in places like side table, centre table, bedside etc, and water sparingly once every one to two weeks and sit back and enjoy your new mini garden!
For more information about terrariums, contact us.
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