The number of us living in high rise apartments and closed spaces for most of the day has risen exponentially and this could be a wakeup call as we shift further and further away from the countryside and nature.

fairy garden simple beach theme

In the past, we would spend most of our childhood outdoors, climbing trees and being around nature. Today, however, is a very different story; the city and corporate lifestyle have most of us dwelling indoors for nearly the whole day.

For almost 6-8 months, with peak temperatures close to 35-38ºC, it is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain an outdoor garden, let alone we dare to step outdoors. Whilst many species of plants can thrive and exude beauty during the winter, our winter months tell a different tale.


This begs the question:

-What do you do if you want to enjoy plants and greenery in your life year-round?

How can you give your friends and family the gift of beautiful plant life and the outdoors in extreme weather conditions?


At SneMee Novelties, our solution is simple: we will show you the beauty of plant life in all its glory, complete with vibrant, beautiful colors and spectacularly exquisite mini garden layouts. These can be spread across your indoor space from the work desk to bedside stand. Succulents are well-suited to living in most weather conditions.


Below we’ve compiled a list of few biggest benefits.


-Succulents Help You Breathe Fresher Air:

You are aware of the idea that plants help people breathe. Whereas we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plants do vice versa. This occurs during photosynthesis when the sun is out. At night, most plants take in oxygen and put out carbon dioxide, just like we do.

Succulents & similar plants, however, continue intake of carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen throughout the night. This makes them great bedroom companions, allowing you to breathe easily throughout the night.

Pentagon Terrarium on window


-Add to Our Positive Wellbeing:

Nowadays, life is incredibly instant-paced. We slog at work, just about manage our social life and there’s not much time for enjoying the beauty surrounding us. Succulents are eye-catching and peaceful, inspiring you to simply sit and look at them for a bit.

They come in wild colors, making them great to observe. And unlike the rest of life whirling around us, they move slowly. They grow patiently, over time, allowing us to sit and ignore the many distractions we deal with on a daily basis.

Science has actually proven that the beauty of plant life can help us reduce stress. Is there anything more valuable?


-Plants Help Us To Improve Our Focus: 

Terrarium on work desk

In tandem with their stress-reduction capabilities, plants can also help us focus better. This is due to the difference between directed attention and undirected attention. If you think about it, humans were not designed to focus on one thing for too long.


In our day-to-day lives, we are forced to concentrate. We stare at the computer screen, trying to fulfill our goals for the day. Out in nature, where we evolved, things were different. We could take a look around at various plants, appreciate the sun, then direct our attention to an animal scurrying around.


A beautiful succulent can allow us few moments of peace and calmness, which in turn improves our ability to perform better. The varied colors of the leaves, their shapes, their texture makes us feel refreshed when we have to get back to our work. Science has even shown that plants can have a positive effect on children with ADHD.


-Indoor Plants Can Thrive In Any Living Condition:

One of the biggest advantages of succulents is their endurance. These plants can survive in even in deserts, which means you truly do not have to worry too much about maintaining them.

They do not require much water, so even if you don’t have a green thumb, a succulent can beautify your surroundings without the hassle of more delicate plants.


So what are you waiting for.? Aren’t these reasons sufficient to help you decide to go ahead and buy it for yourself or for your loved one.??


And you really donot need any occasion or festival for this. You can just randomly decide and finalise your very own Terrarium Garden and bring in lots of positivity and good luck in your place.

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