Thinking to add some green makeover to the dull corners of your home or your work space?


Buy customizable beautiful handmade terrariums or fairy gardens from us and brighten and cheer up in a snap, that too inexpensively. Terrariums and Fairy Gardens currently are the only best solution for solving the space constraints for creating a green space for you that too in the most cost-effective way.


What we especially love is that these bowls come padded with colored pebbles, soil, plants and the best of it all, it has tiny figurines of your choice from our collection. We also have figurines of little birds, tiny animals, bicycle, babies, kids and more. And you can even send a customized note to your loved one.


A thoughtful and long-lasting gift, isn’t it? Well, we think so! This has sorted you out for the next housewarming, corporate gifting, festival and birthday gifts or just to gift for no reason.


Check out how as we have something really Unique, Interesting and full of benefits for



Individual buyers

Bring beauty and positivity with this little creation.
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Replicate a beautiful landscape in a small space.
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Corporates / Interior Designers-Architects

Beautify and Purify your workspace with these inexpensive little natural air purifiers.
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Cherish your bond with your clients or beautify their space with this little creation.
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A tiny garden that you can now gift to your friends, family, to your corporate circle as a thanks-giving, or just add a bit of green to your home or keep it to cheer the work-space. These terrariums are perfect if you’re looking to create a corner in your home or work-space without moving too much of the decor around.


Don’t have a balcony or sufficient space at work desk? Put it on a side table or hang them. These little creations are sure to make a dramatic makeover or even just be a conversation starter.


Our Idea:

As much as we love it, enough space in a city like Mumbai is a distant reality and one can only wish for sprawling houses or offices with lawns. The maximum that this city can offer us is balconies in the high rise office or residential buildings. SneMee Novelties, in that sense, is trying to make up for the lack of space by suggesting, if you want to go green, you can.

What you gain from Terrariums/Fairy Gardens:


Click here and contact us today to customize and bring home your very own Terrarium/Fairy Garden and personally experience these and many more gains.

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