Terms & Conditions:


  • All images are of the actual product(s). These may not be exactly replicated to your choice due to limited/seasonal availability of material(s). Some product(s) may have been outsourced due to restricted craftsmanship. However, still these product(s) remain the sole creation of SneMee Novelties.

  • The final product(s) is subject to change depending on the availability of the material at the time of the final order.

  • Owing to certain level of exclusivity offered to our clients, we may not replicate a certain product shown here. But the product may be displayed here to give you the idea of the level of customisation possible.

  • Plants being living things, each may respond differently to the living condition(s) of the place they are kept in. SneMee Novelties is in no way responsible if the plant(s) does not grow & flourish as may be shown in the images or as assured by us.

  • All the details given here in the website/webpages is true to the best of our knowledge & understanding and in no way can be assumed or accepted to be exact in nature.

  • We are not responsible for the product getting damaged due to mishandling in any manner on the part of the buyer. However, we will ensure we provide sufficient protective packaging at the time of product delivery.

  • Due to the fragile nature of the product, we recommend that the buyer must pick-up the delivery of the product or we can deliver the product at additional nominal delivery charges. We do not recommend the product to be delivered through courier service(s) owing to the mishandling involved on the part of courier service(s).

  • All images/products/content shown herein are the sole ownership of SneMee Novelties, Mumbai. Any unauthorized duplication of the same can attract legal course of action.

  • We strongly recommend the buyer to carefully go through the care tips suggested in our website, so as to avoid any type of damage to any part of the product(s). We will not be responsible if the care tips are not followed.

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